Coolest Tech

The coolest tech found these days is the one that’s just around the corner. Though people have the impression that technology evolves a bit too slowly, the truth is that the rate at which the world changes is the highest it has ever been. Technology might take a few years or decades before it becomes mainstream and accessible to everyone, but it keeps evolving nonetheless and by the time it reaches a price that consumers find acceptable it’s often surpassed by the next wave of devices already.

cool-technologyTechnology has evolved and is still doing that in different areas, some more interesting than others. Depending on where your interest might lie, you might be excited about the evolution of 3D printing and the effect it could have on the entire world, or you might be on the edge of your seat because some promising virtual reality glasses are being designed right now, because space tourism might finally become a reality next year or because the medical industry is trying to figure out how to grow organs in a lab, thus revolutionizing the transplant procedure if they’re successful.

Some of the cool technologies I’ve mentioned above are decades away before they will be truly available to the market, especially true if we’re talking about anything medical that has to go through a huge number of tests. Others are just around the corner, things like the next wave of VR glasses or 3D printers that are cheap enough to be available in every house. Self-driving cars might be just a decade away as well, but you can already see them on the streets and certain states from US and the United Kingdom have already passed legislation allowing them to be used.

This is a great time to be excited about the evolution of technology, especially since it happens so fast. New technologies and inventions are announced every single day. Some of them are new while others are simply improvements that allow for smaller or more powerful components.

Cool Technology

It’s difficult to narrow down something like cool technology to just one area. The future can be changed in a huge way by any one of the technologies that we chose to mention below, so that’s how we selected them out of the many options available out there.

I’ll start with 3D printing, simply because they got a lot of attention these last few years. This technology allows simple people to print their own objects made out of a resin or plastic. These 3D printers add the material layer by layer, sculpting the object as needed. Computer software is used to tell the printer what to do. This type of 3D printer is already found at a price point of a few hundred dollars, but the end quality of the products they make is not good enough yet. In a few years though, we expect for these printers to work just as well as the models that cost a few thousand dollars right now. Imagine a future where you go online, you buy the schematic for a part that you need, to fix a washing machine or a car, and then using the 3D printer to create it in your own home in just a few hours. The 3D printer has the potential to be a game changer and it’s one of the coolest technologies that people dream about these days.

Wearable technology is also gaining traction, starting with the glasses from Google that feel perfect for fans of extreme sports that want to record their adventures, and continuing with smart watches and even smart clothing.

The private space industry is gaining huge traction right now, giving people a lot to dream about. They constantly invent new technology and improve on the old one. In just a few years, you will be able to spend $20-30,000 and take a small trip to the orbit of Earth. Within the next decade we will be able to go to space for very small amounts of time, experience the lack of gravity and see Earth from orbit, and then come back home. All this for the price of an average car.